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General Information


Why FIC Argentina

Tobacco use, unhealthy diet, excessive alcohol consumption and physical inactivity are the main determinants of non-communicable diseases and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. These illnesses are the leading cause of death in Argentina and worldwide.

According to the National Survey on Risk Factors 2009 (ENFR 2009), 53.4% of the adult population in our country is overweighted or obese, 34.8% has high blood pressure, 30.1% smokes, 54.9 % does not perform enough physical activity and only 4.8% eats the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables.

To tackle this problem, the Fundación Interamericana del Corazón - Argentina (FIC Argentina), associated with the Interamerican Heart Foundation (an internationally recognized organization in the Americas) was launched in 2008.



To promote public policies and social changes that guarantee the protection of the right to health, through the reduction of chronic non-communicable diseases, particularly cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.



We wish to live in a country where health is regarded as a human right, whose policies contribute to the reduction of morbi-mortality due to preventable chronic diseases and that contributes with social development and the reduction of inequity and vulnerability.



  • To promote effective legislation that reduces the impact of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and chronic diseases.
  • To contribute to the design, implementation and evaluation of health public policies through research.
  • To network with other civil society organizations on advocacy for the enforcement of health public policies.
  • To advocate for the fulfillment of obligations assumed by the State through international laws and treaties.
  • To educate on the cultural changes necessary to adopt healthy habits and lifestyles.