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General Information


Show your commitment

You too can help us promote a healthier Argentina through these actions:

  • Being an active citizen helping enforce tobacco control, healthy eating and physical activity laws
  • Writing letters to newspapers and magazines to raise awareness of the need to work to prevent chronic non-communicable diseases.
  • Using social networks to spread FIC Argentina's message and raise awareness.
  • Denouncing before relevant authorities those activities that violate tobacco control and healthy eating legislation.
  • Promoting healthy eating and water consumption in your community.
  • Signing and sharing petitions for tobacco control, healthy eating and physical activity promotion measures.
  • Encouraging the practice of physical activity and incorporating this habit.
  • Joining NGOs that work on tobacco control, healthy eating and physical activity.
  • Becoming a FIC Argentina's partner to receive information, share experiences and participate in our activities (click here).
  • Collaborating with FIC Argentina to help promote the adoption and implementation of policies to prevent NCDs. Click here.

Your commitment is essential to promote the implementation of public policies and protect everyone's right to health.


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