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General Information

Trans fats intake
galletitas grasas transTrans fats intake is dangerous to health as it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, sudden cardiac death and diabetes mellitus. However, trans fatty acids (known as "trans fats") are present in many processed foods, like breads, baked goods, cookies and snacks.
The use of trans fatty acids in industrial processes has been extended due to its advantages for the food industry (mainly related to conservation, stability and low cost). Nevertheless, there is conclusive evidence linking trans fats intake with mortality and disability from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. For this reason, as part of the "Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health", the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended eliminating trans fats from processed foods for human consumption and established a series of standards aimed at preventing non-communicable diseases, improve nutrition and promote healthier lifestyles.
To reduce the consumption of trans fatty acids (trans fats), governments should:
  • Take the necessary measures to reduce the use of trans fats in processed foods
  • Establish labeling standards for processed foods in order to provide information to consumers
  • Control the implementation of measures to monitor compliance and effectiveness
  • Raise awareness about the health risks produced by trans fats intake
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